You Can Compost What?

Along with using our used coffee grounds, we have also started sorting our trash! I know what you’re thinking, and yes it is a little extra work added to an already busy lifestyle. Turns out that once you get a system down, it feels like something you’ve been doing your whole life. We keep two trash cans, our normal kitchen trash can and a small trash can for compost material. Also not pictured, There is also a separate bin that we collect recyclable aluminum in. Our aluminum goes to the Senior Center where they collect aluminum cans to be recycled. Then, the money goes back to the center as a donation .

We use a compostable paper bag to line the compost trash can. Then, if we think about it we put compost trash items into the compost trash can. At first, maybe 20% of our trash made it into the right trash can. Once we trained ourselves we are at maybe 90% now, because no one is perfect. Also, I do not dig through the kitchen trash can, once it’s in, its in. The smaller trash cans that are around the house, can be sorted. But sorting through a 13 gallon trash bag is just not worth my time.

Once the paper bag in the compost trash can is full, we close it up and place it with the collection of cardboard boxes, and then it’s ready to go out to the composting bin at the farm. We were lacking the proper space at our residential lot, and we needed a composting bin at the farm anyways. So Tim built me a box and we add our compost trash to it, and cardboard boxes. Then we let nature work. A few extra steps, but we are making a difference one tissue at a time. And who doesn’t love Free compost!

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