Turkeys roosting on the vineyard posts
Turkeys roosting on coop.
Turkey all fluffed up.
Dressed Free-range turkey
Dressed, cooked Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

Michaud Farms Free-Range Turkeys

Michaud Farms turkeys are grown out on open pasture on the farm outside of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. Reserve your Thanksgiving 2023 turkey today on our online store.

Sorry, no turkeys for the year 2022.

The turkeys roam freely in the pasture, resulting in a somewhat leaner bird with finely textured meat and succulent flavor.

  • Pasture-raised
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • Non-GMO
  • Delivered the week before thanksgiving
  • 10-20 Pounds

Delivery Options

We can deliver to those in Laramie county. We will ship anywhere within the state. If you are from the Colorado Front Range, we can arrange a pickup in Cheyenne.

Our Methods

At Michaud Farms, we are dedicated to humane practices and sustainability. Our turkeys live a life as close to nature as we can give them. The birds do not receive any treatments from us like antibiotics. As soon as they are old enough to stay warm, they begin to move around in the pasture. We provide very minimal supplemental feed. The turkeys receive 90+ percent of their nutrients from foraging around our fields for bugs, seeds, and grass.