Pasture-Raised Medium Chicken


Medium (3.75-4.5lb) Pastured Freedom Ranger Whole Chicken
Limited stock! Please limit 10 per order.
Raised on pasture without soy, corn, or GMO’s.
Great for smoking.
Transaction MUST take place in Wyoming. We cannot ship out of state.
We can deliver to the Cheyenne area and ship within the state.

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Pasture-Raised Medium Chicken. We grow our Freedom Ranger pastured chickens on our 140-acre farm, 30 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming. We raise our poultry without Soy, Corn, or GMO products. In addition to a healthy feed, these chickens also get many nutrients from foraging on our improved pasture.

Our chickens spend their entire lives outdoors on our farm, foraging on clover and chasing bugs. Chickens are omnivores, so their diet of plants and insects is much more natural than commercial confinement chickens, fed soy as their protein source. The high legume forage on our farm gives robust flavor to the meat and makes the fat succulent and buttery.

We raise Freedom Ranger Color Yield chickens. Their relatively slow growth rate of 4.5 pounds dressed in 12 weeks means mouth-watering flavor and supreme tenderness. They do well foraging and do not have a propensity for leg and heart problems that are all too common in the CornishX.

Why buy Freedom Rangers? They are more sustainable, better tasting, more humane, and support local food. CornishX accounts for more than 98% of the commodity chicken industry. Most CornishX are grown in warehouses “cage-free” by the hundred-thousands. They cannot walk correctly by 8 weeks, and if allowed to live longer than that, they would begin dying from heart failure. The national chicken industry grows these birds so fast that they face a problem called “woody breast syndrome.” The chicken grows so quickly that the muscles tear and lace with scar tissue. You may have noticed your Walmart chicken is tougher than it used to be.

Besides providing healthy local food, our birds also work full-time on our farm, keeping our vineyard pest-free. Our farm and vineyard vision is a holistically managed system, free of herbicides, fertilizers, and other inputs. We have chickens and turkeys to fertilize our vines and eat pests. Our sheep flock moves through the vineyard to keep down weeds. Our legumes and other cover crops create healthy soil biology to capture nutrients and moisture. When you support our poultry enterprise, you are helping us provide sustainable, local agriculture.

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