Free-Range Large Turkey 2022 Preorder


Large Turkey
17-23 Pounds
We will contact you to arrange delivery dates.
Delivery must take place in Wyoming. We cannot ship out of state.
Supply is limited. No more than 2 per order, please.
Abundant breast meat
Succulent and flavorful
Great for roasting
Perfect for large gatherings. Impress your friends and relatives with the tastiest turkey they’ve ever had.
No Corn, No Soy, No GMO

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Free-Range Turkey

Our turkeys spend their lives roaming through the vineyard, feasting on clover and pests. Broad breasted turkeys grow quickly and have plenty of white breast meat.

Orders must take place in Wyoming. Current laws do not let us ship out of state. We can do free delivery anywhere in Laramie county. Shipping throughout the state will be $20.00 extra. We can arrange Cheyenne pickup dates for those of you on the Colorado Front-Range.

Our farm is small, so our turkeys are raised-to-order. While we do raise several extras, weather and predators can happen. If something happens and we cannot fulfill your order, you will receive a 100% refund and a coupon for next year.


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