Honey, Raw, Unfiltered “Farm Honey” 12 oz


100% Pure natural unfiltered Wyoming honey
12 oz Honey Bear
“Farm Honey”
Extremely limited supply. Limit 10 per order, please!
Seasonal. Usually, we have a honey flow in June and again in September.
We can ship anywhere.

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Raw, unfiltered honey bear. Our 12-ounce honey bears are filled with 100% Wyoming honey. We have several hive locations in southeast Wyoming. Town honey comes from Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. It’s our #1 choice for a seasonal allergy remedy. Town honey naturally contains pollen from common allergens from our area—dandelions, sunflowers, flowering trees, grasses, lilacs, etc. It is usually a little darker than our other honey.

Farm honey is typically very light and is made from nectar from primarily clover, alfalfa, and sunflowers.

Our bluff honey is gold and aromatic. Pine, sage, and mountain flowers make this honey rare and unique.

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