Kune Kune Pastured Pork

Now Taking Deposits

Kune Kune pigs fit into our pasture program nicely. Kune Kune is a heritage breed developed in New Zealand. They’re small and slow-growing, but more importantly, they gain weight remarkably well on grass and alfalfa. We can raise these pigs to a modest finishing weight of 120 pounds with very little grain input. They do need a little something in the winter, but they do just fine on pasture alone most of the year.

A whole Kune Kune is perfect for a small family, providing roughly 80 pounds of meat in the freezer. If that’s still too much, we also offer them in halves. Expect red meat with a lovely fat ribbon around the edges.

A $100 deposit for a whole or a $50 deposit for a half will get you penciled in for an August 2022 delivery date. We know it’s a ways off, but like pastured beef, pastured pork takes over one year to finish. When the animal goes in for processing, we will send you a cut form to fill out so you can divide it out the way you want. If you need help deciding how to have your cuts made, let us know, we’re happy to help guide you through the process!

When you are ready to make a deposit for your grass-fed pork, please contact us so we can get your information and reserve a spot for you.

email: alisha@michaudfarms.com phone: 307-286-0388

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Kune Kune pigs