Michaud Farms Winery In Pine Bluffs Wyoming

Michaud Farms is building a winery right outside of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. While our grapes grow, we're studying hard and learning everything we can about winemaking with cold-hardy grapes. We hope to assemble our first tasting panel fall of 2021 if we have a big enough crop to make wine. If you are interested in being on the tasting panel, please email us at info@michaudfarms.com, and we'll get your contact information.

Michaud Farms Venue

A lot goes into starting a winery. We're going to build a little tasting room right on the vineyard! But this means lots of infrastructure and permitting needs done. We have the processing facility mostly finished but still haven't broken ground on the tasting room. The first building will be a simple tasting room. Eventually, we will add to the venue to host large weddings, farming/grape growing classes, yoga events, parties, and more! Our picturesque location in the prairie with the bluffs in the background are great for photography. We would love to host your photo sessions!

The Challenges Of A Fine Hybrid Wine

The hardest part of winemaking with cold-hardy grapes in Wyoming (excluding hail, early frost, late frost, wind, short growing seasons, grasshoppers, high altitude, moose attacks, 😉 ) is making a dry wine. Sure, you can grow high sugar grapes that give you a super sweet, almost Welches tasting fun drink. But you want anything dry, complex, and with great color and tannins, now that's a challenge. We saw a unique opportunity to seize a niche market in Wyoming, making complex dry wines. The Northern Grapes Project released some brand new grape varieties that showed tremendous potential. The multi-university research coalition also unearthed heaps of new techniques and methods for making great wine from the cold-hardy French-American hybrids. You can read more about the grapes we're trying on our vineyard page.

Michaud Farms Wyoming Winery Secret Label Design