In the spirit of Thanksgiving.

The last few of weeks have been a little difficult. We’ve been struggling with disappearing animals – probably theft. Some predators have found our flock so we’ve been fighting with fencing and other predator control methods. Winter struck hard and fast. The unforgiving cold resulted in frozen birds and sheep with pneumonia. When it rains, it pours.

Today when I was out doing chores this evening, the weather was wonderful. 50 degrees and perfectly still. I could’ve lit a candle. The animals were happy. The sheep were lazily chewing their cud in the final light of the red and gold sunset. The chickens were happily clucking away while topping off their crops before bed. The ducks were noisily marching single file back to the roost. Heimdall sat on his haunches vigilantly watching his flock, contented with a belly full of supper. It was tranquil.

I stood and watched the evening unfold, content to simply observe nothing going wrong. Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on what could be better or obsessing over what we don’t have. As Thanksgiving approaches I suggest taking a few minutes to meditate on what you have already. From an evening in Wyoming with no wind, to a beautiful sunset, there are so many things to be thankful for.

Peaceful sunset in the vineyard.

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