Grounds for Sustainable Living

Since starting the farm we have slowly been changing over to being more eco-friendly. We regularly collect compostable material. Including coffee grounds, because we use them for many different things. Such as, adding them to our compost pile, using them in our worm farm, using them in the media for my mushrooms and we add them straight into our garden beds.

Coffee grounds are a great addition to the soil in our area because they help our soil ph. Our soil is very alkaline, and coffee is acidic. So adding coffee grounds helps to bring our soil to a more neutral ph. This is why we regularly add them to our garden beds, and to our compost pile.

Coffee grounds still have usable nutrients even after brewing. Things like worms and mushrooms are able to “eat” and process these nutrients. The mushrooms use the nutrients and make food for us. The worms help break down the coffee grounds, like the compost pile only faster.

More recently we changed to a metal reusable coffee filter. So far we love not buying disposable filters, and I also love not having to sort them out of the grounds I choose to use for my mushrooms. It’s also working well with making our coffee less bitter since the water moves through faster during brewing.

This was one of the easier ways to start sustainable living. All you need is a separate bucket or compost bin to collect your grounds. If you don’t want the added work of worms or mushrooms, simply just sprinkle in your garden beds or in your plant pots.

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