More Meat Chickens!

More meat chickens are coming! We ordered a batch that will be ready for harvest mid May. After a brief period in our deep bedding incubator, our birds move out into our automated coop out on our Wyoming pasture. There they will have access to the great outdoors for the remainder of their days. Our coop has an automated door that opens at dawn and closes at dusk. That way the chickens are safe at night and still have unrestricted access to forage.

We seeded our pasture with a diverse selection of grasses, legumes, and forbes. With this diverse diet, the chickens can get most of their nutrition without in the pasture so we can reduce the amount of commercial feed they receive.

We’re raising Freedom Rangers this spring. These birds are a great alternative to the Cornish Cross. Cornish Cross makes up 99 percent of all commercial chicken produced. Freedom Rangers grow a little slower and are far more active. They love to scratch around and forage for food. Freedom Rangers contain more omega 3 fatty acids and less saturated fat than commercially available chickens. Know what you eat, you can place your order here!

Freedom Ranger meat chickens

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