free-range rainbow rainger chickens

Pastured Poultry

We finished our batch of meat chickens for the year. They are in stock now, but they do sell out quickly. We can schedule drop off days in Cheyenne, any day delivery in Pine Bluffs, or UPS ship the birds anywhere in the state. If those options don't work for you, contact us so we can work out something else.

The chickens are usually about 4-5 pounds. The breed is a rainbow ranger. They forage better than cornish x and don't have all the genetic problems, but still have lovely breast meat.

As always, these birds are free-range and are on healthy, improved pasture. They're allowed outside every day, sun-up to sun-down, and they eat loads of greens and bugs. However, this time of year, bugs are a little scarce.

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When we say "free range" we mean it!

Our free-range chickens live on our 140-acre pasture. Because the birds forage and have room to chase insects, they don't eat much commercial feed during the growing season. The hens find all the bugs, greens, and seeds from our carefully formulated pasture they need for full egg production and growth.

Free range chickens in sunflower patch
free range white leghorn rooster

Free Range Eggs

Most "Free Range" chickens are allowed outside only occasionally and are very crowded. The high stocking rate depletes the land of any living forage.

Our hens are indeed free-range. They have the liberty to roam around on our vast pasture from dawn until dusk, foraging, and chasing bugs to their hearts' content. Consequently, their eggs have deep colorful yokes that are delicious and very nutritious. We also refrain from using antibiotics, soy, corn, GMO products, growth hormones, or anything else "unnatural" for our egg and meat production.

As soon as the chicks are around 6-8 weeks old, we start weaning them off of commercial feed to encourage pasture foraging. We carefully seeded our pasture with the correct range of plants for full, balanced nutrition. Because our prairie has an abundance of bugs, seeds, and greens, the hens have an all-natural diet that ensures the absolute highest quality eggs and meat. You can see and taste the difference! This rigorous free-range technique demands extensive land and time, but we feel it is the most responsible and sustainable approach to raising chickens.

We have a small flock, and supply is limited, so please let us know if you would like to get on our list for fresh farm eggs.

Our girls grew up fast!

Our girls grew up fast and started laying delicious eggs. We started our first batch of one dozen hens in our backyard. When they were about six months old, we finally had the farm ready, and we moved them out into the country.

day old barred rock

Day Old Barred Rock

6 week free range chicks

6 Week Chicks

4 month free range pullets

3 Month Pullets

Hen House V1.0

Below is the first hen house we built. Its insulated walls, an auto door, and entirely hinges front and back doors have made taking care of the hens a breeze. This coop is only big enough to house about one dozen hens, so we had to build a bigger one.

chicken coop cad plans

Our CAD Plans

free range coop construction

Under Construction!

insullated chicken coop in the Winter

Done in Time for Winter

Expanding Our Flock

Michaud Farms' flock outgrew their first little coop, so we built a bigger one. The new can house over 100 chickens. Our new, larger flock will start laying this winter. The girls will lay us various colored eggs—everything from nearly black to green to white. We're excited to begin offering these exciting new eggs.

larger free range chicken coop