Plums for your Wyoming Garden

Superior Plum – This is yet another cold-hardy variety to come out of Minnesota. It’s cold hardy clear down to -30/-40 F. These plums are a little smaller and firmer than what you’d buy in the store, but still great fresh off the tree. A good pollinator is Toka plum, but native plums like what you might find in a windbreak also work well.

Plums are an excellent addition to your backyard orchard in Wyoming. The don’t get very big, only about 20 feet tall, and They are very durable. They don’t grow as fast as a peach tree, but they’re more drought and wind tolerant. We have three varieties planted currently. Superior, native plums, and Bubblegum plum. The nursery tells us the fruit actually tastes and smells like bubblegum. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. It hasn’t produced for us yet as its only two years old. This is its third spring so maybe we will see some fruit.

Superior plum is a cold hardy variety for Wyoming.

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