Our First Hive...

In 2018 we started our first bee colony with the cold-hardy, hard-working Carniolan honeybee. After surviving the winter and working hard all spring, our bees have made enough honey for sharing! Email us if you would like some of our raw, natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized, local Wyoming honey! Our stock is limited, and orders are first-come, first-serve right now. We'll get you as soon as possible. To increase production, we have added another hive. We have plans to add at least an additional three hives in spring 2020. The honey from the spring 2019 nectar flow is very light in color with a creamy texture and a gentle floral nose! Raw, unfiltered, local honey is known to help with seasonal allergies.

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carniolan bee

About Our Cold Hardy Carniolan Bees

We chose the Carniolan bee for its superior cold hardiness. They are also reasonably passive and quite productive. They tend to swarm, I hear, but that hasn't been a problem for us yet. We're cautious about making sure they have frames available to fill. Unused space helps keep them from crowding and subsequently swarming. We like to have two deep frame boxes that the queen has all to herself. Her extra-large suite gives her ample room for brood and winter storage. In our climate, this is vital!

closeup carniolan hive

Dealing with Winter in Wyoming

Our bees are anxiously awaiting Spring. They huddle up in the hive and shiver to keep their queen warm. Because the winters here in southeastern Wyoming are so cold, we decided to cover the hive in insulation. It occasionally gets down to -35F here for short periods. When you insulate a beehive, it's crucial to leave some openings for the hive to breathe. The bees respire. Respiration gives off CO2 and humidity, and it must have somewhere to go. If ventilation is inadequate, excess moisture will precipitate in the hive, killing the bees. A cold-hardy Carniolan honeybee colony should be one of your first choices for your backyard beehive if you live in a chilly climate!

winterized carniolan beehive