Pasture Rasied Beef

We Are Now Taking Deposits

We’re finally doing beef! Michaud Farms is pleased to announce that we are now taking deposits for our 100% grass-fed beef. We don’t use hormones, antibiotics, grain, GMO products, or any of that stuff. Just all-natural pasture, all year long.

Beef steers out on winter pasture
grass fed and finished beef
made in wyoming
farm to fork wyoming
no hormones or antibiotics
angus beef
angus beef cut list

Whole, Half, and Quarter Available

To get your beef, get in touch with us with your preference, whole, half, and quarter. Then we’ll collect a deposit so we can raise the steer to finish weight. It takes at least 18 months to grow a pastured steer, but we will let you know when the processing date is getting close. When the animal goes in for processing, we will send you a cut form to fill out so you can divide it out the way you want. If you need help deciding how to have your cuts made, let us know, we’re happy to help guide you through the process!

Our steers will finish out somewhere between 1,000 and 1,250lbs. This yields 390 to 487 lbs of finished beef in your freezer. We charge $4.50 per pound, including processing, and ask for $800  down, so we have funds to purchase the calves. An out-of-pocket ballpark figure for a whole steer will be between $1,755 to $2,192. A half steer will feed a family of four for a year.

When you are ready to make a deposit for your grass-fed beef, please contact us so we can get your information and reserve a spot for you.

email: phone: 307-286-0388

email: phone: 307-287-8635