About Michaud Farms

Michaud Farms is a small family farm located in southeast Wyoming. With a background in industrial food processing equipment and social work, our decision to start a little poly-farm may seem like a steep left turn. However, we have a passion for healthy lifestyles and nutrition, so we feel that our previous experience will mesh nicely with this new endeavor. Things are moving along quite nicely. First, we planted a vineyard and stocked it with chickens for bug control. Then we seeded the remaining land with a special pasture mix to accommodate a variety of livestock. Next, we got some sheep, then some pigs. We bought some steers in early 2021. Of course, we needed bees, as well... It's been fun. We look forward to providing high-quality products in a responsible, sustainable manner.

- Tim and Alisha Michaud

michaud farms aerial vineyard view

The Vineyard

The Michauds are going to try wine grape growing in Wyoming. Watch us battle the elements in our efforts to grow exceptional grapes.

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The Winery

With all the exciting new cold-hardy grape varieties coming from the University of Minnesota, we believe we can make some world-class wine. See what we are planning!

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The Apiary

Every Poly-Farm needs bees for honey and pollination. Our colonies are growing fast, and our locations are spreading. Raw, unfiltered honey is available seasonally.

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The Orchard

At present, we have a small experimental orchard at our home. If a variety can prove it will survive, we will plant it on our farm orchard. Please take a peek at our budding orchard.

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Free Range Chickens and Eggs

Michaud Farms is taking a crack at chicken and duck egg production. We're also working on all-natural pastured freezer chickens and turkeys. However, the flock is small and growing, but we're taking deposits on meat and waitlists for the eggs. For eggs, please inquire at info@michaudfarms.com.

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Heritage Turkey

We are taking reservations for 2021 Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys! Click over to our online store to place a deposit for a delicious pastured turkey.

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Grass-fed beef is on the menu. Check it out!

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Grass-fed Lamb

We are taking deposits for October grass-fed lamb. Learn more here.

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Pastured Pork

Bacon seeds are sprouting! Our Kune Kune pigs are excellent foragers, allowing us to offer unique, pastured pork. These pigs are smaller than commercial hogs, making them a great size for a single family. You may expect around 60 pounds of pork in your freezer.

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More Info About Michaud Farms...

If you would like to learn more about our plans, email us at info@michaudfarms.com. You can also stay connected with us on our blog over on our news page or like us on Facebook. We'd love to let you know what's coming!